Jours 39-41

Bonjour les gars et les filles…

Hier j’ai fait du velo (bike) avec Paul , c’était honnettement fatiguant pour moi, parce que j’ai pas autant habitude que lui. J’était tellement epuisé après. On est allé voir les paysages à coté d’Issoire, ils étaient magnifiques. J’étais franchement deçu de ne pas avoir emporter mon appareil photo…

Au lycée j’ai pris la note de mon Autobiographie, elle ne m’a pas donné une note mais elle avait marqué BRAVO :), elle a dit qu’elle était impressioné lol WOOT. D’ac cet apres midi je vais aller au foot , un copin m’a donné les chasseures.Où peut-être pas, lol j’ai pas trop envie d’y aller, je suis fatigué et j’ai une controle de math demain donc je pense que je vais aller à l’entrainement de vendredi. Oh autre jour, on avait un controle de physiques et vous pouvez pas croire ce que je suis en train de raconter…lol Un copin de Paul qui EST FRANCAIS, et qui a été là pour toute l’année scolaire a copié mon controle. Vous imaginez? lol J’étais etonné lol ( I felt sry for him thats all lol)

Oh et aujourd’hui en rentrant chez nous, une femme a nous demandé de pousser sa voiture lol, donc on l’a fait avec nos muscles 🙂 lol elle était bien contente 🙂

D’ac je vais vous mettre une photo de Paul ( Trying to look cool, dunn wry he got a hair cut after that 🙂 ):


A plus tard

-Ali D

Mot cool de jour:

Espace d’idiot = Dumb ass 🙂 


5 Responses to “Jours 39-41”

  1. 1 Innez March 28, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    oh boy
    good to know that paul got a haircut after that pic…
    cuz he looks like he has a mullet tehee
    i loved those… they were funny looking…
    it was so fuckin awesome omg
    we got best recreational street dance PLATINUM (seniors dance)
    another PLATINUM for the team dance
    a GOLD for the juniors dance
    and PLATINUM for company (olga rochelle and arielle) and we tied with this other group
    we boh got 92
    but they won it… cuz there was only olga rochelle and arielle for us… and like 20 of them… and their dance was like 2 times as long as ours cuz stapes didnt wanna make it too long
    yah sry long story but were so happyyyyy
    me and olger took the bus back and had fun times listening to screamo haha
    haha ur like super french man now
    i never frickin knew there were so many b days @ the end of march and beginning of april gosh
    n e waiz ali banoneee boinga bonga boinggg
    update som mo home sliiiiice

    (the hyperacive) JEWWWWWWW

  2. 2 emi March 30, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    lol! you went biking….with a guy who does hardcore triathalons…no wonder you were tired:D lol
    hope that you have fun in england:D
    LONDDONNN BABYYYY!!!!XD hahaha ahh joeys so funny
    do they have “friends” in france?…they had them in mexico…but i had no clue what they were sayin…and sometimes i already knew what the joke was and i would laugh anyway. lol:D
    keep havin fun in france!
    love, emi

  3. 3 Rochelle March 30, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    Ali you rule. I love le mot cool de jour! Lmao I’m so gonna use that. Ya, and seriously I’m happy Paul got a haircut it really did look like a mullet. When you come back your so gonna school us in french. We hadn’t had much progress this year (cough,cough). You just missed parent teacher interviews and we got our marks. I’m doing amazing in all classes except one. I bet you can guess which one. Lmao. As you can tell I’m proud of myself :D. When are you coming back? I forget. Hopefully, it will be in time for another amazing soirée.

    We miss you.

  4. 4 teengle March 30, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    yooooooooooooooooooooooo my french homie
    yo don’t be hatin about the lack of commentaires, id been dancin ALLOTTT and had some outings last night and such. outdoor ed trip TODAY, and tomorrow hav to do group english magazine project DUNO wat’s gonna happen there. my mama has gone to ukraine thank the lords boinnnng! basicaly im just being my hyper self. ur gonna have a crazy time in paris, just for the love of god DO NOT PUT SHIT IN UR POCKETS unless they’re inside of ur jacket or something , or put stuff in ur bra (cuz i know u wear one) lmao because dear jayzus those ppl pickpocket like no tomorrow. so …WATCH OUT! i warn thy! but paul probably knows all that so he’ll tell you. dont give in to those peeps at the eifel tower trying to sell u keychains and lighters!!! baaaaaaaah haha jks i know ur too smart for that shit. ull probably find a way to pickpocket THEM with ur mathematical skills lmao. those pics are too cool man. u still look identical. paul’s dad looks chillin haha say hi to pauletta he shud come back to canada for a year when u get back! hope u ain’t missing school. do u need any notes or anything? get bak to me on that! peaaaaaaaaaace out man,

  5. 5 Dianachkaa March 30, 2007 at 10:36 pm

    hey hey hey, well ok so heres an updateon CANADA. **** me n val played heart twister in bio, on a giant heart *hint the name heart twister” and i won both times. n val sat on my leg and almost broke it cuz hes so freaking heavy. also we are going to this budah n hindou temple soon, which should be… iterrestign. o n we shud soon go to the ROM with mme chong. o yeah n this lady cm to talk about this program, in the summer i really wanted to go, you got u study in french for 5 weeks get 6 univer. credidts. but i think its sotta late to sign up and its expensice.

    i wont write much as i am off to sleep cuz well.. with my jewish luck i have work tomorrow.

    ok miss ya lots.

    Ps. yellow rules… ok sry inside joke … BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

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