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It seems to me that the only thing people are talking about these days is university. Universities have taken over our minds and conquered our conversations. To be honest, I think we are all just freaking out for no reason. I mean at school, at home, on the streets, in the park everyone is talking about universities these days and even if they’re not that’s all I hear anyway. Whatever I hear , I hear in this format:

“BLAh BLaH UNIVERSITY blAH bLAH da da PROGRAM, bLAH blah niet niet yata yata DEGREE, … blah brap kartoshka SCHOLARSHIP blah BLAH RESIDENCE …TUITION and so on…”

I just thought I would elaborate on some of these keywords a little:

University : Yes, okay we all want to get accepted; but honestly its definitely not the only path to success, a lot of the really rich out there don’t have any university education. That’s not say education is no good, of course one needs to stay in school, but University education is not necessarily going to lead to success. I know of a perfect example, a lawyer that I’ve met through my mom’s firm, he is a fully educated lawyer but doesn’t enjoy what he is doing, his passion is writing but because he thought that wont help him pay his bills, he went to law school. And I can assure you that he is still struggling with those bills at the end of the month, simply because he has no interest in what he is doing , he has no passion for it. On the other hand I know another person in the same legal industry that has finished a College Paralegal program and now works with a huge law firm. This man has a passion for his job and in the field he is specializing in (traffic tickets) he is an expert. He makes very good money, loves his job and enjoys the time he puts into his career. So when they say do something that you like, it really matters. Secondly our parents want our best but at the end it’s going to be us that’s going to live the life of a doctor, accountant, firefighter, etc , NOT THEM.

If after giving all thought one still feels like they really want to go to university then the next main question that comes to mind is whether to stay in T.O or not?

Well, the first thing that we should know is that living away from home is an automatic 10 grand on top of your tuition and books. Secondly as much as we all want to be away from our parents lets face it sometimes we need their support, sometimes it feels good to come home and have that meal already prepared for you instead of having to worry about chores and independent life responsibilities on top of the heavy work load of first year university. Don’t get me wrong, living away from your parents could be an amazing experience (specially in France lol) but I think first year university might still be too early. Most of us are considering graduate programs after our bachelors and if we do end up staying in T.O we could still get away for grad school. All just things to keep in mind when making this huge decision about where our lives are going to take us after High school.

Programs and Degrees: Universities offer and endless number of programs , at York alone there are more than 200 different programs of study, however the programs and the degrees are two different things. You could be in the International Studies program and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. This is something that could confuse a lot of people , for example if you’re in an accountings program you wont get a bachelor of accounting which sucks, depending on the program and the school you would either get a Bcom (bachelor of commerce) or BBA (bachelor of business administration) or even a BA (bachelor of arts). So looking at the type of degree you are getting and what options does that particular degree give you after your bachelors could be a very vital task.

As we are all making decisions and choosing our different paths out of high school. I will try to post whatever info I find useful.

These are some links that are meant to help us make more wise and informed decisions towards our post secondary education.:

A very useful database of all Canada and U.S schools :

And for those considering bilingual education:

U of Ottawa French immersion program (the only such program in Ontario) :

Bilingual campus of York (the only bilingual university in Toronto):



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5 Responses to “University Talk”

  1. 1 nikikikiki October 4, 2007 at 7:46 pm

    its obviouse everyones talkign about university, cuz in our minds, this dicision.. will pretty much determine our future!!thats how we thik about it anyway.

    Going to uni will benefit everyone though, thses billionaires that havnt been to uni are just flukes and made the right choices in THERE lives,sooo i think that eveyrone shoudl atleast go to uni to be guaranteed soem sort of job plus, half of these billionaires are in the entertainment business.

    THe thing that sucks is, if you have no idea what ACTAULLY interests you, liek me, i have no idea what i have a passion for LOL it sounds sad but its true.. sooo i just stick to the normal goals in medicine and what not,

    so theres another reason for staying home, you dont want to waist all ur money, then realize that ur not interested, and waiste a whole year of time and work.

    something that i think is an amazing idea(yet my mom prolly wont let me lol ) is to take a year off just to work and be an adult, figure out wat u want to do with ur life, and mature up THEN go to uni, maybe even for half a year or something

    anyways this is way too long soooooooo

  2. 2 joshh October 4, 2007 at 10:03 pm

    Yo living away in residence is much more than 1 grand, but itll vary from university to university. Also if you guys have the opportunity to do so during university, take a minor in business(unless its your major). When you start climbing the cooperate ladder, then get pushed off, and have the same thing happen because some faggot got chosen to be vice prez of the company and didn’t like you and wanted his guy to do the job no more how shitty he was, you’ll not wanna put up with that bullshit and having the option to start a business is always a great backup. You won’t have to put up with the bs of the cooperate structure and you can make an unlimited amount of money.

  3. 3 em October 5, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    okay, so you say everyone is talking about university. well, a majority of friends are leaving next year, so thats all i hear as well. and even if i am not graduating this year, it doesnt matter,my teachers, principals, close friends and even my own mom is talking to me about universities. but is all of this talking making us more pressured or paranoid about our future? yeah sure, its university, its hard, but scaring us to get into it isn’t helping. having to choose what to do for the rest of your life right now, when you’re not really sure if you’ll stick to your guns or feel the same way 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now.
    oh, and also on that living away from home sure its a very very good expirience to be on your own, away from your parents but what about if you found someone you dont want to leave? my friend’s boyfriend went away to school, and they decided to throw in the towel after a month of trying just because they live an hour away from eachother.AN HOUR?! however, losing someone you care for is a bad thing, maybe the independence and the need to be taken seriously that people crave is something they want more.

  4. 4 teengle October 6, 2007 at 12:47 am

    Yo Josh ur absolutely right about the business and thnks for noticing the typo it was supposed to be 10 not 1 , I missed the 0 🙂 a zero that in this case makes a big difference lol
    Aites peace out,
    good luck to us all..

  1. 1 life experience degree » University Talk Trackback on October 12, 2007 at 11:16 pm

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