Hey people. Settle in, get comfertable, you’re about to get some more of my philosophical bullshit! well…..aliens.. what do YOU think? think they exist? I mean… I know you’ve heard it before..”HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE, HUMANS ARE THE ONLY ONES OUT THERE”…. i just isn’t….. is it?

What exactly defines alien? Someone, or..something coming from another planet? Didn’t immigrants used to be called aliens? or..they still are…Well that means if they really do exist, then we’re aliens to them. Except maybe not that exact word. It’s prolly like.. banka(tick)bondoing….. no?

We have had enough spaceship sightings, and people who claim they had been operated on by aliens when they were unconcious. Sot then, is it possible to say it’s all a big scam? A joke? Something to divert us? Has anyone heard of the UFO crash back in..i forget what year.. that the US government covered up as quickly as they could so that NOBODY would never know about it? It’s clear the government does not want us to wonder. That would make us too creative, too artistic, in turn making us dangerous. I mean.., look at Einstein. Although many of you may think science does not involve creativity, or art, i think you’re SADLY mistaken. You have to be creative in order to be able to invent laws and principles that have never been thought about by ANYONE in your day. His danger is proven with the invention of the atomic bomb. This knowledge gave him alot more power than he ever realized. or…maybe he did realize it, i dunno, didn’t ask him. But that’s not the point. The government really doesn’t want us to know anything, and just wants to keep us in a little box, thinking about nothing but HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY, and BUY MORE SHITTY , overtaxed GooDs.

Well, here’s another crazy theory. It is clear now (with today’s weather especially) that global warming is taking a toll on the world. I mean..Venice is apparently flooding..which fucking sucks, I wanted to go there next year. Anywhos, it seems it is human nature to advance and become greater in science, and other advancements. However, I feel that it is inevitable that we will eventually drive ourselves into a ditch. I believe that we DO need nature in our lives to survive, spiritually and physically. Have you seen any forests lately? Yah, I didn’t think so. I know we live in Toronto which is busy and has alot of construction, but we should STILL have more wildlife and WAY more parks. Nobody cares about that anymore. It’s a real pissoff.

So.. in that respect, does anyone else think it may be possible that aliens are our sole way out of this mess? Considering the speed and sneakyness of their flying plates, we know they’re technology has surpassed ours by FAR. Is it not AT ALL possible that they could be our saviours? Lol, forget Jesus…and just think about it for a second. If the world is on the verge of collapse in 2012…. maybe we have a chance for survival, and that chance depends on creepy alien things with bug eyes. Eh? Think about it……..

I could be crazy..,

but who isn’t really?



4 Responses to “Aliens”

  1. 1 happyatom October 22, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    When did it become about Einstein?

    In any case, theoretically, since the Universe is infinite, and since it has an infinite number of planets, and at least 1 planet DOES have life, it’s likely that other ones do too. However, those planets are infinitely far away, and since you can’t travel faster than light, getting from there to here would take a fucking long time, and frankly – not worth it.

  2. 2 joshh October 22, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    yep the government doesnt want you to think too much plus if the public were to find out that aliens did exist, it would be too much for the government to handle. Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence that aliens do exist, only blurry images that you can interpret whichever way you want, but nevertheless it is still likely that many of the images were indeed aliens. Oh and that stuff about 2012 isnt true. I watched a documentary on the mayan calendar which basically proved how much crack the mayans were on when they came up with their calendar. According to the mayan calendar, our technology should be about 10 times more advanced than it is now, which it is not. Not to mention the fact that what they predicted were just things blown out of proportion.

  3. 3 teengle October 23, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    Well first of all No aliens don’t exist and yes earth is the only planet with life lol (dunn convince me otherwise i already have enough shit in ma head diving me crazy lol) and yes they do still call immigrants aliens . The legal term for a person that’s a citizen of another country is considered an alien. Oh and about nature we do need nature and I believe human nation was not supposed to be where it is today. Somewhere down the the path of life we took the wrong path like there was a right and a left and we took the left one or w.e and hence we are approaching a very depressing end of all.

  4. 4 olgaolgaolga October 23, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    wow, way to be in complete denial ali. the two paths thing…thats exactly wat carlos castaneda was talking about in his works.. you have to ask yourself..does the path have a heart? If it does not, then we should not follow it. see? so you do believe in that dude. lol

    ps., aliens exist:D lol

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