Man’s Search For Spirituality

Philosophy class is indeed one of the most incredible classes I have ever had the pleasure to take. It really makes you think in ways you never would have thought about. I have only begun to realize this as we got assigned our first paper on a philosophical topic. Although it’s not amazing, I hope you enjoy it…it is only the intro and a couple paragraphs of arguments..its a start to our final assignment..(which i would guess is to finish the essay).

Question: Is humanity experiencing spiritual regression?

Answer: Yes indeedio

The Spiritual Regression of Humanity – Olga Gurts

Stem cell research, computer engineering, and robotics – they are all advancements that have largely contributed to the understanding of our potential as a society. Or have they? The technological evolution from century to century is undeniable as humanity continues to discover, create, and invent. However, do these incredible advancements really give us anything more than a simpler, and more materialistic way of life, with less human labor and more ways to shape and control nature? Is it possible that materialism and physical evolution can be directly related to the apparent decrease in spiritual fulfillment and well-being? The more I learn, and the more people I establish myself with, it seems clearer to me just how far away we are as a society from even understanding what the meaning of spirituality truly is. Our perception of spirituality and the comprehension of the world in a view far from scientific reason has – at a specific past point in time – already reached its peak, and has therefore begun its downward spiral, or regression. As technology and materialistic advancements continue to improve and grow, we – as humanity – continue to lose our spiritual sense of self and connection with the natural, and more fulfilling things in life.

Before any such talk of the spiritual hopelessness and deficiency in human nature, it is necessary to define what spirituality actually represents within an individual. Spirituality is our understanding of ourselves, and knowing our each individual purpose in life. In order to reach this stage, we must first understand that we all have a function in this world, and it is up to us to reach deep within us to seek that goal one must accomplish by him/herself, because as Viktor E. Frakl puts it in his bestseller, Man’s Search for Meaning, “He (man) cannot be replaced nor can his life be repeated. Thus everyone’s task is unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it” With this said, we can begin to compare how times of the past have changed to times of the present. Let us concentrate on the greatest of the ancient civilizations to compare to our own present-day life. During the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and even Romans, religion was a large part of daily life. Although their polytheistic ideas of religion seem ridiculous to us now, it seems that people lived in full understanding of themselves. No matter what class they represented, people worked together to worship and build monuments to their beliefs because spirituality came first, before such things as politics and law. The more these civilizations discovered and overcame during struggles such as war and disease, the more they evolved spiritually, and as new civilizations were established, more and more was recorded on the worthiness of mankind and his purpose in the world, thus ending up with the major religions of the present day. Although spirituality does not necessarily have to be affiliated with religion, in the ancient times – before common era – it was much more difficult to be without a religion than it is now, so people relied on it for meaning. How do we compare this to our world? Today, when over 30 faith-based wars are going on all over the world, how can we say that people truly understand their purpose in life? Is it not obvious that life has dwindled down to determining which God is the right God, and at the same time, more and more religions are being created as an attempt to explain the true nature of human existence. If this does not symbolize the decline in spirituality in present day humanity, I do not know what does.

Although religion tends to play a huge role in our society, there is something that has increased even more than the growing number of new religions all over the world…, materialism. Every day, we see celebrity magazines, and watch our celebrity programs like excess and propaganda to watch our favourite actors and singers succeed, and then get crushed by the media only to fail in the end. What is the reason for their failures, we ask. Is it possible to really be unhappy even if one has all they can buy with money? As has been said before…of course it is. We see this every day from Mary-Kate Olsen’s drug addiction, to Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt, to Anna Nicole Smith’s actual suicide. They out of all people have made it clear that the more material possessions one has to please their every needs, the more one loses his/her worth, and the easier it is to lose track of what is truly important in life, as well as in spirit. When one cannot find themselves, or find the goal which they must live up to, there is no real sense in living, and no diamond rings or technological machinery can make you believe otherwise, or give you hope. As people who have everything lose hope, they attempt to discover other things that may give them pleasure or a meaning, and therefore fall into various traps that substance abuse sets up for them. The same drugs that were used for ceremonial purposes to discover new ways of thinking in Aboriginal, African, and Mayan tribes (such as tobacco, marijuana, peyote) are now used for the sole purpose of escaping the reality of life and all its difficulties. Not only is spirituality on a decline, but many have already given up and really do not have the will to care.


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