Tarragon – How it Works

alright well, today was another day of play watching for myself and my plays of the modern era class. Once again it was at Tarragon theatre, which never fails to give us amazing deals and incredible performances.

Tonight’s play is called “How it Works” and it is about the experiences of a young lady of 19 during tough stages of drug abuse and the attempt to quit. At the same time, she must deal with her parents’ past divorce, and her father’s new woman. Brooke continously attempt to step away from the real world through drugs and we soon discover that there is much more to her past than any of us knew. Does this justify her need for relief in the form of drugs?

Now..what did i think about it? Well, comparing it to some of the other plays we have already seen at Tarragon, it was simply okay for me. The acting (especially that of Brook) was really amazing and the set was unique in the way that it allowed to audience to concentrate on the acting and the personalities onstage instead of the details of the set. However, the story itself was alot less than what I expected, but that’s probably because i have read many extreme drug addict stories. In a way, I felt like this play was written/directed (same person did both) by someone who did not actually go through the experience but tried their best to represent it in the best way possible. Although the play itself is supposed to be more about family bonds, and the ability of a sudden stranger to change one’s life, i would have liked to have seen more intense scenes of her drug abuse and their concequences. In any case, it was still a well-done canadian play that deserves much respect and is still worth every penny.


you should definitely check it out, the play runs until dec 16. for more info, see http://www.tarragontheatre.com/season0708/show-how_it_works.php


2 Responses to “Tarragon – How it Works”

  1. 1 Teengle not feeling like siging in November 30, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    Nice, I should have taken that class, instead of a shit load of HARD COURSES aaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

    how was semi man? is someone gonna rite a review on that?

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