On Homosexuality

Disclaimer : I’m straight myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have opinions, right?

Next up on “We Discuss Controversial Things In A Straight-Forward And Opinionated Way” – Homosexuality. WARNING: In this article I’m going to be mostly discussing MALE homosexuality, as most people don’t have a set view on lesbians.

Good or Bad

Arguments Against:

  • The Bible says it’s bad
  • It’s not a means of reproduction, is therefore unnatural (same used against masturbation)
  • With men it involves sticking things into places where things should not really be stuck into

Arguments For:

  • If people do it, I can only assume it feels good?
  • Some people like the other sex, some like the same one, why do you care?
  • They have a parade for it (what?)
  • They are born like that (argue with me)

I say:

  • Personally, I think the last point of ‘Against’ sums it up for me. However, I think that if other people are into that, that’s fine by me. Sticking it into someone’s pooper may seem pretty gross to me, but there are people out there who get turned on by legs/necks/cats/leather/severed limbs (I kid you not) and that’s fine too. When it comes to lesbianism, that can be considered as mutual masturbation, and we’re not going to get into that (haha). To sum up: go nuts with being gay, I don’t really care, I’m just not a fan of Public Displays of Affection.

In Society

Let’s face it, lots of people don’t like gays. That said, most of these people are men (prove me wrong). The word “fag” is thrown left and right as an insult, and I will have to admit, I do that too. It’s wrong. It’s discrimination, but it’s damn hard to stop. Homosexuals have a magic ability to decorate, distinguish shades of blue and dress themselves competently. This is generally seen as effeminate, and is therefore frowned upon in a dude. I can understand that (kind of) however, when gays are getting killed just for that, that’s not cool. Stop it!

On Lesbians

“Ohh sure, when you see a gay guy it’s gross, but when you see lesbians you’re all: HOLY SH*T! AWESOME!” I see what you’re saying. Here is what I think: I am guy = not attracted to other guys = I don’t enjoy looking at men making out. They enjoy it, that’s fine. I am guy = am attracted to women, lesbians = women = I like lesbians. Also, 2 women > 1 woman + 1 guy. Does that make sense? Okay then! Some guys are massively obsessed with lesbians, and I think that’s just something that was spread through the society. I personally don’t think that lesbians are any more attractive than straight women.


If you have reasons to oppose them, do it in your house in a rocking chair while stroking a shotgun and spitting chewing tobacco into a brass bowl. What? The Bible told you it’s bad? Right, cause Jesus would totally beat up gay people if he could, right? Gay people are people, they are not a minority, they are not a separate race, they are just people. Treat them accordingly for goodness sake!



4 Responses to “On Homosexuality”

  1. 1 Em December 2, 2007 at 11:39 am

    AMAZING!! i LOVE this article!!
    and it’s so true.
    but this is one thing i dont understand, how are gay people born gay? thats where it totally throws me off..

    doctors and psychiatrists say that its a condition and it could be helped, but gay people say they are born like that and they can’t change…who’s the one thats more right?

  2. 2 happyatom December 2, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    When I wrote this I hesitated putting that point in, but Ali convinced me. There are 2 schools of thought: nurture vs. nature, and which one determines a person’s sexual preferences. Nurture means that a person becomes homosexual during their life, because of experiences, influences, etc. Nature means that a person is born homosexual, meaning the things have happened to them mean nothing they were just born that way. Every person has a different view on this. Some people say that there is homosexual gene, some say otherwise. I like to be on the fence (as always) however, I haven’t seen concrete proof of a “gay gene”, so I’m leaning towards ‘nurture’.

  3. 3 sosiska December 2, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    hmm although you mite think im all anti homosexual…but i know cool gay guys…its just that when they hit on you that’s sorta creepy. BUT never the less if i dont see it, it honestly doesnt bother me. what they do in the privacy of their home, chairs or dark movie theaters doesnt bother me nor does it concern me. Saying that i still don’t like seeing 2 guys all up on each other, but then again it’s just a tiny bit more uncomfortable then seeing a guy and a girl dry humping in the middle of mall…

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