The Kite Runner

Last night I watched The Kite Runner. Many of you remember having to read that book as part of the Grade 11 English course. The comments I used to hear back when everyone was reading the book were either “omg I love it” or “wth was the English department thinking?”. Personally I loved the book and I really enjoyed the movie as well. Like all other books that have been made into movies, the movie Kite Runner is missing a lot of little details that the book covers. However overall it is a very decent production. The movie is a rather long one but if you think about the book was pretty think too lol. Some argue that it could be graphic at times but I thought it was excellent. I loved the movie and I’m going to be honest it made me cry or like at least have tears in my eyes in a couple of scenes.

And for those of you who weren’t forced to read the book in school, The Kite Runner is about two best friends growing up together that end up separating for some reasons that I will not ruin for you. My favourite theme in this book/movie is initiation and how the main character, Amir changes throughout the story. He goes from a coward that can’t fight for himself to a confident man that stands up for him self and his beliefs. Another major character is Baba , Amir’s father. None of the actors are famous or known or anything but the actor that plays Baba is amazing. Baba or Agha Sahib’s personality is very unique and inspiring. And last but not least Hassan, Amir’s childhood friend, is a very loyal servant that’s willing to do anything for Amir. Amir in return has a chance to prove his loyalty to Hassan, however he doesn’t, and lives the rest of his life regretting it; which is basically what the story is based on.

Overall , great movie, if you have read the book you might disappointed because the movie obviously doesn’t have all the details and if you haven’t read the book you will be convinced to read it after you watch this movie 🙂


P.S: If you don’t feel like wasting 10 bucks at the Grand; Here is a link to watch it online: Click Watch Full


8 Responses to “The Kite Runner”

  1. 1 The Kite Runner Cliff Notes January 20, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    “The Kite Runner” an awesome book, great attention to details. Every single page made me cry, laugh, warmed up my heart with love, and made me angry… I cried non-stop throughout the book.

  2. 2 Emily January 21, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    i’m reading kite runner too, made me cry a good couple times, and i almost did on the subway (embarrassing!) but i refused to so i had to close it lol but i thought that the actors in the movie could have been better, and more like the characters. i also felt they should have kept in a few parts in the movie and went more indepth with the characters emotion, but then again, thats the actors.

  3. 3 teengle January 26, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    @cliff notes
    totally agree with you, a very touching text…

  4. 4 happyatom January 27, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    The ending was very un-satisfying, if you ask me. Kinda cheesy, and .. well, very cheesy, in fact.

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