And we commence…


I thought It would be the most useless thing, to go back to your high school months after you have actually graduated and graduate again except this time formally! I mean I thought it was very poorly placed in the middle of October and midterms, I always complained about how they couldn’t put it in like June or even during  the summer. Well  after attending my commencement at a fancy hall last Thursday, I now know all the reasons why it wasn’t held in June , it was such a wonderful is not called graduation for a reason, it is commencement. The beginning, the celebration of a new beginning a start to a completely new phase of your life a very exciting phase, university life!

After having spend 4-5 months away from your high school, your second home and your second family for four years, you come back and celebrate this transition from high school to university. To come back and see all of those you sort of grew up with and those who made or ruined your high school experience was a great feeling, I mean  all was a sudden I was even happy to see the teachers that I hated most while I was in High School.

Having attended this ceremony I have a new born respect for the commencement ceremony in general and many of my fellow classmates that have now moved on to all different sorts of things. One of my friends, Maia who has always been doing extreme things wasn’t there to take her award and it was announced that she is volunteering in Mali, Africa. I mean how great is that? she had amazing marks to go to university and she chose to take a year off and go help African children, I some how respected Maia so much more than before, and I was all the more emotional when her mom approached me after and asked to take a picture with me in my gown and such as Maia wasn’t around! “Ofcourse, I would love to fill in for her” I replied.

Or Phillipe for example, our Valedictorian , I saw a completely different side of him at commencement, I was so amazed by his speech specially when he mentioned the one thing that had been in all of our minds ever since we stepped into that hall, Mr. Spyropoulous our previous principal. “I wish he was giving me my diploma and not that….” a phrase I heard repeatedly from my comrades as we were in the backstage getting into our ridiculous gowns and mingling.  During his speech Philippe mentioned how Mr.Spyropoulous had been a friend to all of us and had affected all of our lives for the  better in a way or another. Our elected valedictorian made us all realize we hadn’t wasted our votes when he  mentioned Spyro:”He was a role model for all of us a down to earth principal that always found time for his students” and the entire crowd started clapping with pride!

A ceremony I thought of as  useless ended up being the most memorable of all ceremonies maybe even prom, a sense of closure , celebrating the closing of one chapter of your life joyfully with all those who made that chapter a great one, and opening a completely new chapter full of challenges and surprises of its own.

….And so we commence, The class of 2008….



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