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First Snow

It snowed here a few days ago. I don’t like snow, but first snow is always exciting, it means winter is coming and if winter is coming so is Christmas.

I take snow for granted, I moved from Russia to Canada, and neither country has a shortage of flurries. I don’t find snow particularly exciting. The situation is quite different for some others, in particular, one of the foreign students on my floor. If you’ve lived your whole life in India, you’ve never seen snow before, and if all of a sudden you open your res door and someone hands you a snowball, you’re a little surprised.

I think the sight of a person walking out of their house and seeing snow for the first time was one of the most hilarious and amusing things that have happened here. This year I’ll enjoy snow more than ever.



The uWaterloo Experience

I promised I’d write a university post, so here we go. I moved in on September 7th, a Sunday. Move-in was smooth as silk, they even had attractive 3rd-year girls helping out. After I dumped my junk into my room I had to roam around the not-very-big-but-still-organized campus for a bit to go through the registration, get my lameoid frosh band (which will later give me the most wicked watch tan ever) and try not to pass out from the heat.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and walking around with a few Newtonbrook guys who live in the same residence. The next week was a whirlwind. Frosh was sort of lame, in a “hey, let’s organize a bunch of events for these guys” way, but still cool and I met a ton of awesome people. I went home for the weekend, which was interesting since that was the first time I used Greyhound. No, there was not enough leg room.

I’m in Nanotech, my entire class is about 120 people. All my lectures are in the same room, but my tutorials and labs are spread over the campus a little bit. Unlike others, my experience doesn’t differ very much from high school. I have class essentially 8:30-3:30, with an hour-long lunch break. The one thing that is different though was already mentioned by Ali. All assignments (or almost) are uploaded, and submitted electronically. Unlike Shulich though, uW has a centralized system. Of course, profs don’t really care if you don’t submit assignments, since they’re worth shit. My final exams are worth around 50% with midterms worth around 30%.

The food in the caf is good. The classes aren’t very hard. The people on my floor are awesome. Living in residence is just freaking great. I don’t know what to do with all the freedom frankly. I think this freedom-freakout is the primary reason for people dropping out, since if you got in it means you should be able to stay in. It’s weird how living away from your parents quickly changes the way you do things. Now that it’s up to me, I’ve taken to eating a lot more vegetables. Funny how that works.

I’d post some pictures, but I left my camera back at home. Whoops, I meant I left it back at my parents’ home.

The Hills of Quebec Are Alive

Hills on Fire

Hills on Fire


Frenchies Reunite

Dear All,
As many of you know Paul and Coco, the Frenchies, are going to be in Toronto this summer.
They’re going to be here from Aug.6th to the 26th. And Paul specially wants to see all the people that he knew at brook and stuff, like a reunion.
1.Aug 8th

We are having a welcoming bbq at my house on Friday Aug. 8th, please mark this date in your callendars, PDAs, Macbooks,…

If anyone needs my exact address leave a comment here and I will email you a google map link of the address and TTC instructions, I just don’t want to POST that here 🙂


2. Aug 10th

I am taking them to the Taste of the Danforth so if anyone wants to come with us let me know.

3. Aug 13th-18th

Montreal Trip,  I am booking the hotel rooms by the end of this week, if we book now I can get a deal for about 30 a person in downtown montreal or a nice clean Hotel in the suburbs for about 15 dollars a person. I still have one spot left in my car.
4. Aug 22nd – 23rd

Niagara Falls for a night or two, there is a good club there that I could get tickets toand I know a really clean but cheap motel so it would be really student budget trip it would be sweet tho.

5. Aug 24th

And last but definitely not least, their good bye party is most likely a dinner at the all you can eat Korean bbq on Queen St. West and then there is a clubbing event for the end of summer, it could be our end of summer get together before we all go on to our uni lives and paul n coco’s good bye. The link is below they’re selling advanced tickets now for a really good price, so let me know who’s coming I can get it for you.
See you all at the BBQ

PS. I know we all want to get Mme.Rosvelti to go clubbing with us so I am going to send her an invitation email from all of the French Extended Famiy for the good bye party clubbing at the Circa 🙂

ATTENTION: I need to know who is coming to Montreal as I have to book the hotel.    The deadline is July 26th.

ATENTION: For Circa August 24th if there is at least 15 of us we get 2 free tickets AND FREE ACCESS TO THE VIP SECTION FOR ALL OF US!

Social Engineering

People are sheep when it comes to big and small issues alike. If all people were the average person, we would spend days on end wallowing in our own stupidity and bumping into each other brainlessly like billiard balls. Let’s face it, most people simply can’t make simple decisions. This usually manifests itself in the following conversation:

X-So, what do you want to do?

Y-I don’t know, what do you want to do?

X-I don’t know, what do you want to do?

Y-I don’t know, what … oh, fuck this …

Really, WTF?

These is a simple cure for indecisiveness, because the inability to reach a consensus is a purely social disease. This means that all it takes to come to a democratic decision is to force a decision onto the people, brainwashing them so they think they came to the decision all together. (Note: I’m not a political democracy-is-a-lie crackpot, nor do I have anything against the government of any country or the dumb-ass way it handles things)

X-I’m going to Wendy’s, who’s with me?

Y-Err, OK.

You see, people need to be told what to do, because if you ask, they will never give you an answer. A reasonable suggestion (with intent to carry it out yourself) is a quick and highly effective way to get a reaction, always. That said, don’t abuse this to try to get people to make you sandwiches, it won’t work. Happy herding, everyone!


Design vs. Art

In people’s minds, the line between art and design is starting to get very thin. Often the two are becoming interchangeable, and they are not.

A designer is not an artist, and an artist is not a designer. The two work together, but each one has a very different goal in mind. An artist has a simple one: to make an attractive product that will be liked by whoever sees it. A designer’s task is different every time, but it is usually to bring attention to some things, take it away from others, and present the product in a way that achieves the goal proposed, it is purely a problem-solving profession. That said, it becomes clear that even though good art is completely subjective, good design is not. A good design could be measured, and accepted as good by people who understand what it is trying to achieve.

Newtonbrook S.S 2008 yearbook

Good art does not mean good design, and vice versa. I will illustrate with the example of the school yearbook.

I think that the art on the cover is fairly good, but once again, someone else may disagree with full force, and that is their right. The art being as it is, the design is poor. The goal of a yearbook’s cover is simple, to present itself well, to show the school name and the year in a clear manner, which is not quite achieved.

First of all, I have an issue with the centering of the title, it’s too low. If it’s that low, it needs to be bigger, for emphasis. Second of all, in a school which has a very high East-European population, this title has 5 letters which are interchangeable with their Russian equivalent, and 3 letters which are identical to a totally different sound. If my grandparents would find this book, they would probably assume the school is called “Peshtopbrok”. That’s a problem. Mangling the letters in that fashion is not a good idea, as a standard font would eliminate the ambiguity altogether. Lastly, the cover makes .. little sense. I see a tentacled moon, which is sinking into some sort of goopy oceans and trying to grab the starts from an unnatural blue sky. Does this symbolize something? Something about a future of planetary genetic engineering and reaching for the stars? If it does, I’m not getting it.

I like the yearbook. It contains tons of awesome memories of me eating sandwiches, and the cover is attractive, however the design leaves a lot to be desired.


Resources: Art Lebedev's Mandership

The Meaning of “lol”

When was the last time you actually laughed out loud when you wrote “lol”? My guess is, 5 years ago. Personally, when I type “lol” my lips don’t even move. Whenever someone actually laughs out loud (which, as we know from human psychology happens rarely if you’re alone) they type “hahaha, omg rolfcopter t3h hilarious roflmao” or some other nonsense along the same line. This lets me know that what I just said is not only hilarious, but they have no actual way to describe their laughter. That sucks.

“lol” means nothing. No, that’s wrong, it means something, it just isn’t an indicator of humour anymore. “lol” at this point either means “I was joking” or “Don’t beat me up, please.” The first one is obvious, if you put “lol” after your post, it means whatever precedes it should not be taken seriously. The second one is trickier, so I will illustrate with an example.

Without LOL

Figure 1.0 – A Straight Ticket to ass-kick-ville

With LOL

Figure 2.0 – Saves your butt


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