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How to type the accents…

I have encountered many individuals that experience difficulty with the typing of accented letters in the French language. On occasion some have shown keen jealousy that I am able to type these accents on my computer without having a French keyboard. So I decided to give a quick tutorial of how to type these accents in all windows applications such Ms.Word , emailing…

Alt + 133 ==> à

Alt + 130 ==> é

Alt + 135 ==>ç

Alt + 136 ==> ê

Alt + 138 ==> è

Alt + 129==> ü

Alt + 128 ==> Ç

Alt + 131 ==>â

Alt + 132 ==> ä

Alt +137 ==> ë

Alt +145 ==>æ

I can’t think if any other accents that you would actually use, this pretty much sums up all the useful ones.

The rest are around the same numbers from Alt 130 to 150you just have to try some trial and error until you find the one you are looking for.


Coming soon…

Next semester I will be Europe again traveling all over the place so I am thinking of writing about my adventures again! and maybe linking it with photos on Flickr n FB and stuff.

Converting to Facebookism

Dear all, As I am turning 19, I have decided to finally convert to facebook!

Over the years I have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of this fast growing social networking machine. And I have decided that the easiest way for me to stay in touch with my friends and family all around the world, I need get facebook despite the dislike I have had for it for many years.

Ever since it first came out I have resisted to join however now that I am in University , all the events seem to be happening on here and it has become hard to keep up if you don’t have one! Recently even a student association at my school made it pretty much mandatory to have a Facebook account in order to stay an active member ! My dear friends in France and my family all around the world is on Facebook and it will be easier to keep in touch with all, using Facebook.

Taking all the different factors into account I hereby declare that I am no longer an active Facebook hating activist and I am eradicating my 3-4 year boycott that had been imposed on Facebook.

I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and I look forward to taking advantage of the many good things facebook has to offer however I am going to try my best not to join the many addicts I know and I will be doing my best to spend a minimal amount of time on here. so if used responsibly Facebook could potentially be a good thing.

-Ali Daneshvar

And we’re back…

About two weeks into the redemption of classes at York, and I have realized that it’s been ages since I wrote here. Schulich classes went last week and all of York is back in class this week. The biggest challenge is getting back into routine and the habit of studying and waking up before 1:00pm :).

Many professors just assume that you have been doing your readings and staying on top of the work during the strike which is so not the case, I mean you are barely motivated to do the readings while you do have class, let alone when you don’t and you don’t even know when you are going back so how would you be motivated to do anything!

So they just pick up where they had left it so it’s just like this last monday was monday November 11th or whatever. Everything is the same and they start the following lesson except there has been a THREE MONTH gap in between the two lessons, and that is a big challenge, for example I have a statistics course and the new lecture after the strike builds upon a lesson that was given before the strike over 3 months ago!

For those of you who are wondering how things work , and how we are going to finish the school year with a 3 month break in the middle, basically everything is pushed back a month and two weeks and they have cut one week  from each semester and they have also cut reading week! We went back last week and we are having exams in ten days and then right away we start the winter semester which is going to end in JUNE!

Overall I am very content to be back, and I guess once you are deprived of an education you have paid for, for three months THEN you start appreciating school and not complaining quite as much about the amount work and such because AT LEAST you are getting an education…


Strike Life, Not as Amusing as Some Might Think

It has now been exactly a month since the day CUPE3903, the union that represents TA’s and part-time professors decided to go on strike, forcing 50,000 students out of classes immediately. Many of my friends at other universities, who are cramming for exams right now, tell me that I am the luckiest person on earth and should not even think about complaining!

So I decided to sort of depict both sides of the coin here. Yes we don’t have school, but this is not a break like the summer break. This is not really a break people, you are up in the air , all your plans for the winter holidays, summer holidays, summer jobs anything that requires planning ahead (so everything) is affected by this terrible uncertainty that exists here . What makes it all the more frustrating is that nobody has an answer for you, not the Union, not the University, not the Student Federation, not any professor or official. What I seem to get from everyone is “we don’t know hopefully it will end soon”. And it makes me want to scream at them, all the 50 000 students are being kept like hostages while the greedy union and greedy university are not EVEN NEGOTIATING. That’s right, as I am writing this today, their talks have been suspended, nothing no conversation, they’re both kind of chilling while all the students suffer…

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a break but only when I know how long it is and when I am supposed to go back and what is expected of me when I do go back. Right now school can start tomorrow and all my projects and presentations will be due tomorrow, or it can start in January. So I cannot plan anything, for example I had almost purchased tickets to visit my grandparents in May however as of now I don’t know if I will finish in June or August or whenever. What makes this even more annoying is that once we are back, all professors will most likely be forced to compress material that is supposed to be taught in 2 months into a couple of weeks and immediately we are going to have exams without a reading week. We have paid for a full semester but we won’t be given that or any money back because according to York we are still getting the credit and finishing the courses.

Overall, it is an ugly think , this strike business , it is very frustrating and I will be willing to switch spots with all of you doing exams right now, because at least you know that your semester will end after the exams and then you will have a real break during which you have no responsibilities to worry about. A break is not a break if you are constantly worrying about all the work that’s going to be thrown at you when you go back to school and about all the self studying that you should be doing and haven’t. I didn’t go to the so called best business school in Canada to be self taught! I mean you are merely motivated to do the readings when you are in class how do you expect people to be motivated to read ahead and do the work while not even in class!

Also ever since the second week of the strike, Osgood (Law School) students have gone back to class, so have Schulich students in third and fourth year who have exchange students in their classes or who are going on exchange next semester. So seems like if you are important enough you get to go back to school but if you are a regular undergrad student, your life lost does not seem to matter much to the administration….

Simply put, if I could go back to last may and choose universities once again, I would definitely, without a doubt go to one of the other 10 programs I was accepted to in different universities. Also keep in mind transferring in the middle of a semester would mean I would lose a semester and my tuition.


And we commence…


I thought It would be the most useless thing, to go back to your high school months after you have actually graduated and graduate again except this time formally! I mean I thought it was very poorly placed in the middle of October and midterms, I always complained about how they couldn’t put it in like June or even during  the summer. Well  after attending my commencement at a fancy hall last Thursday, I now know all the reasons why it wasn’t held in June , it was such a wonderful is not called graduation for a reason, it is commencement. The beginning, the celebration of a new beginning a start to a completely new phase of your life a very exciting phase, university life!

After having spend 4-5 months away from your high school, your second home and your second family for four years, you come back and celebrate this transition from high school to university. To come back and see all of those you sort of grew up with and those who made or ruined your high school experience was a great feeling, I mean  all was a sudden I was even happy to see the teachers that I hated most while I was in High School.

Having attended this ceremony I have a new born respect for the commencement ceremony in general and many of my fellow classmates that have now moved on to all different sorts of things. One of my friends, Maia who has always been doing extreme things wasn’t there to take her award and it was announced that she is volunteering in Mali, Africa. I mean how great is that? she had amazing marks to go to university and she chose to take a year off and go help African children, I some how respected Maia so much more than before, and I was all the more emotional when her mom approached me after and asked to take a picture with me in my gown and such as Maia wasn’t around! “Ofcourse, I would love to fill in for her” I replied.

Or Phillipe for example, our Valedictorian , I saw a completely different side of him at commencement, I was so amazed by his speech specially when he mentioned the one thing that had been in all of our minds ever since we stepped into that hall, Mr. Spyropoulous our previous principal. “I wish he was giving me my diploma and not that….” a phrase I heard repeatedly from my comrades as we were in the backstage getting into our ridiculous gowns and mingling.  During his speech Philippe mentioned how Mr.Spyropoulous had been a friend to all of us and had affected all of our lives for the  better in a way or another. Our elected valedictorian made us all realize we hadn’t wasted our votes when he  mentioned Spyro:”He was a role model for all of us a down to earth principal that always found time for his students” and the entire crowd started clapping with pride!

A ceremony I thought of as  useless ended up being the most memorable of all ceremonies maybe even prom, a sense of closure , celebrating the closing of one chapter of your life joyfully with all those who made that chapter a great one, and opening a completely new chapter full of challenges and surprises of its own.

….And so we commence, The class of 2008….


Elections Canada

Dear all,

This week I had a once in a life-time opportunity,  as we are getting closer to the Canadian Elections , I attended a political press conference and was able to see the leader of the opposition Stephane Dion in person and ask him a question in front of the audience. A very novel feeling for me, just starting my adult life and having such an opportunity.

The event took place at the Royal Hotel, downtown toronto, at 9AM  Wendsday October 8th. Stephane Dion walked in with very minimal security I was amazed of how down to earth and friendly and close to the people he really is compared to our current prime-minister who doesn’t go in public without prior arrangements and severe security and protection.Many say Harper lives in a bubble. At Harper’s press conference the questions were presubmited to his campaign manager so at the acutal event people were just reciting them. Something Stephane Dion didn’t do he answered to the questions of many journalists and mine alike, on the spot without any prior preparation.

The get together with Harper was full of guards and officers, and every guest had been registered from long before and had to go through a security check.  However at the conference with Stephane Dion security was kept to a minimum and potentially anyone with a media pass could have walked in and asked him questions.

As the meeting was exclusively for ethnic press, a lot of different questions concerning foreign policy and immigration were asked of the opposition leader M.Dion. The questions varied from what M.Dion is planning to do about the chinese-canadian relations to whether or not he would let in all Sri-Linkan refugees in case of a war in that region 🙂 .

After a series of different questions some meaningful and some really use-less it was finally my turn to ask my questions. Looking for an opportunity to show off my french,  I decided to pose my question in French which made M.Dion very happy in fact. It was as if he was relieved , I felt that the most solid answer he gave was to my question maybe because he responded in his native language or maybe because my question was specific unlike a lot of other vague questions that were asked. I’m going to attempt the best translation:

M.Teengle:”Good Morning Mr.Dion, I am a univiersity student in Ontario as you know life for students is not the easiest, tuitions fees in Ontario have been increasing for the past decade at much higher than the regular inflation rate. While in other countries and even other provinces in Canada like quebec, the provincial governements are working to decrease or even eliminate tuition fees, in Ontario these fees continue to increase, what is a liberal gov’t going to do to help this situation? As a student, why should I vote for the liberals?”

M.Dion: ” Thank you for your question, Educations is very important to me, I was a professor my self and I know what it’s like to be a student, we understand the concerns students have and that’s why we are including a large budget for extra bursaries and scholarships as well as low-interest loans for students as they are the future of this country and very important to a liberal government.”

Dion looked like a very legitimate gentleman, unlike many other politicans Dion seemed like he has a good heart, maybe partly due to his past career as a university professor.  He had some very solid ideas and the liberals Green Shift much like the democrats economic platform south of the border has a some solid fundamentals that if put into action properly could save both the environment and the current economic crisis.

Dion is disadvantaged compared the other party leaders in the sense that English is not his native language as he looked a lot more in control and confident int he French debate as opposed to the English debate. He is also lacks charisma , an asset the NDP leader is using much to his advantage to win liberal voites in many ridings. So as liberal voters switch to NDP  the conservatives are the ones benefeiting.

Tuesday is Election day and I am voting for the first time in my life 🙂



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