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Like it Raw


what the hell is that?

Raw food is food that is eaten without  being processed or cooked, or food that has not been heated over 115 °F (46 °C).

What’s the point?

Consuming your foods raw eliminates the loss of enzymes, which are SUPER essential for the overall function of the human body. Consuming organic foods also adds a lot to the equation.

Raw food is one step above veganism. Vegans do not eat any animal products or biproducts, while raw foodists consume 75-100% of their foods raw (non-cooked) and vegan. And no…raw food does not include raw meat.

What does this mean..??

Well……you’re basically living on nuts, seeds, sprouts, fruits and vegetables!!! It seems a stretch from most people’s daily S.A.D. diet, but the truth is, many agree that raw foodism is probably one of the healthiest ways to live, especially when combined with regular exercise.

If you want more information on including more raw foods into your life in a fun way (there are many incredible recipes out there), you can always google it, and there is plenty of great practical and scientific information on the subject.


Throughout my trip to Europe last summer, I discovered an infinite number of things about myself, but one of the most essential discoveries I came upon is raw foodism. When my travel buddy and I were lounging around on a beach in S. France, we came across a triathlete who told us many life stories, including the one about his diet. He was a raw foodist, and claimed to have strength and speed seemingly equivilant to those who use steroids or other performance-enhancers. He said that the food he ate energised him in an incredible way, and he has not gotten sick ever since he started the diet (over 10 yrs). It struck me as odd, but not something I have never heard before, since a friend of mine had done a project on the subject in highschool. I was captivated especially because the food we had been eating on our trip was filled with unknown meat products, mysterious oils, and lots and lots of nutella and white bread. My skin was breaking out constantly and it seemed like it was trying to get rid of all the toxins I have been inserting into my body every day. I felt tired often and knew that I obviously was not in my best shape.

Upon arrival to Toronto, I had decided to let go of all meat cravings, and indulge myself in foods of nutrition and rejuvenation. I had decided, after doing TONS of research, to make the transition to raw food. I went from vegetarian eating fish ,to vegetarian no fish, to vegan, and I am currently around 80-90% raw vegan (organic as much as possible). I cook all my own food, refused to indulge in the useless food plan of university, and although my exercise regime has definitely not been as fulfilling as I would have liked, I feel like I am at the healthiest point in my life.

I have never been completely ignorant about the food I eat, but this took me to a whole new level, and I have to say that knowing exactly what goes into my body (from my plate) has become a priority in my life. Considering that I am the student who stays inside to study other than go out, even I can say that YES…YOU DO HAVE TIME TO COOK!!! Excuses are always convenient to demonstrate all the reasons why you CAN”T do something you feel like you should, but being in control of what nourishes your brain and muscle cells is not something anyone should make excuses for. I used to think that it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you exercise and maintain a proper weight. However, I have realized how much of an effect food has on your body, and how unfortunate it is that many individuals are missing out on some of the most nutritious and refreshing foods available to the North American public. Flax seed, avocados, goji berries, coconut butter, dates, and agave are only a few of the many highly nutritious and delicious foods unrealized by the common burger and fries eater.

Research is important as ever in this arena of health. One must be aware of B12 deficiency, the fact that plants have more than enough protein for the human body, and other such things. Trying out new recipes, and purchasing new types of food can result in some nervousness and uncertainty, but the long-term and short-term benefits are out of this world. Some of the most famous natural body builders are raw foodists, and I was able to avoid the freshman 15, and actually have a higher semester average in university than I did in highschool. Raw food gives you the energy and brain power you need to conquer life struggles in a whole new way.

The first step…replace those fries with a salad the next time you eat out, and look into a couple of recipes to try with an open-minded friend. One of the first ones I made was a chocolate cake. I was instantly cooked!

Peace and Love

***one of my favourite recipes from a website:

Makes 2 – 3 servings.


2-3 zuchini – peeled with a peeler to make noodle-like strands


3/4 cup raw almond butter
1/2 cup orange juice (freshly juiced!)
1 T minced fresh ginger
1 T nama shoyu (soy sauce)
1 T miso (optional)
1 t minced garlic
2 T honey/agave nectar
1/8 t cayenne pepper

Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth. For a thicker sauce, add more almond butter…to thin it out, add more juice. Add more nama shoyu or sea salt to taste.

Prepare the “noodles” and then pour the sauce over them to marinate (let them sit for about 10 minutes) and then top them with a mixture of the following:

  • Sprouts! Mung bean sprouts, or alfalfa sprouts.
  • Julienned red and yellow peppers
  • Shredded carrots
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Scallions
  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Mint

Serve in a bowl and/or on top of a large bed of mixed greens. Yum!!!



allo world. i know its been a while for me…

but i would like to write a short review for an amazing tv show i got addicted to… which is fairly amazing considering…i dont ever watch tv. obviously, i watched the season online. thanks to the wonderful people that post the seasons for free hoping that fans will click on their useless gambling commercials.:D

so..weeds is a show about Nancy Botwin, a mother of two who has recently lost her husband to a random heart attack, and must support her kids, maid, and brother-in-law in the suburbs. Since a regular job wouldn’t yield nearly enough to pay the bills, Nancy sells weed! Needless to say, this unconventional career comes with many dangers and surprises. The show is really funny as as well as suspenseful. I started watching the first episode, and before I knew it, I had finished the 5th season…and no, it’s not just a chick show.



Frenchies Reunite

Dear All,
As many of you know Paul and Coco, the Frenchies, are going to be in Toronto this summer.
They’re going to be here from Aug.6th to the 26th. And Paul specially wants to see all the people that he knew at brook and stuff, like a reunion.
1.Aug 8th

We are having a welcoming bbq at my house on Friday Aug. 8th, please mark this date in your callendars, PDAs, Macbooks,…

If anyone needs my exact address leave a comment here and I will email you a google map link of the address and TTC instructions, I just don’t want to POST that here 🙂


2. Aug 10th

I am taking them to the Taste of the Danforth so if anyone wants to come with us let me know.

3. Aug 13th-18th

Montreal Trip,  I am booking the hotel rooms by the end of this week, if we book now I can get a deal for about 30 a person in downtown montreal or a nice clean Hotel in the suburbs for about 15 dollars a person. I still have one spot left in my car.
4. Aug 22nd – 23rd

Niagara Falls for a night or two, there is a good club there that I could get tickets toand I know a really clean but cheap motel so it would be really student budget trip it would be sweet tho.

5. Aug 24th

And last but definitely not least, their good bye party is most likely a dinner at the all you can eat Korean bbq on Queen St. West and then there is a clubbing event for the end of summer, it could be our end of summer get together before we all go on to our uni lives and paul n coco’s good bye. The link is below they’re selling advanced tickets now for a really good price, so let me know who’s coming I can get it for you.
See you all at the BBQ

PS. I know we all want to get Mme.Rosvelti to go clubbing with us so I am going to send her an invitation email from all of the French Extended Famiy for the good bye party clubbing at the Circa 🙂

ATTENTION: I need to know who is coming to Montreal as I have to book the hotel.    The deadline is July 26th.

ATENTION: For Circa August 24th if there is at least 15 of us we get 2 free tickets AND FREE ACCESS TO THE VIP SECTION FOR ALL OF US!


wow..i have not written a post in a long long time.

a quote is in order…by a great co-worker of mine..

“I realized there are two affective ways to make a is voting, and the second is what you buy.”

it seems quite simple and obvious but it made me think. we all have power. we all have immense power to influence change…ofcourse many of us think that one person can’t do shit in a world of …is it 7 billion now? but we can if we want to.

pce n love

Alienation and Conformity RANT

this is a rant I presented for my night school assignment to show alienation and conformity in a creative way.

              “SOCIETY!” What the hell is that anyway? A fancy name for a group of people who what… speed walk around, seemingly important, as if they really have so much to do! So obsessed with counting their accounted numbers, cashing in their 6-digit paychecks. This Armani suit is SOOO last season, it’s not the right shade of gray for THIS year. We need an update on the Britney case! GET ME A MAGAZINE! Oh..why are we sooo in need of all this shit? These mp3s and blueberries. We HAVE TO catch up with the latest technological developments! What will be the new addition to the i-pod series?

              So… may ask do I chose to be the bum? The unemployed? The HOBO? You stare at me like I’m some alien from another planet as you casually pass by with your Gucci purse held tight. As if I’m some sort of pathetic prisoner caged in by the horror that is the street. And of course you think I need help. Oh pity me! SAVE me from staring into my empty coffee cup! Well…it seems to be the time to finally bring something to YOUR attention since you just seem way too busy chatting away on your multiple cellular devices to notice just how fucked up YOU are. Too busy conforming to crappy routines and this messed up tangle of money exchanges we call our “society”. You are, in Marx’s words, the PROLETARIAT. So successful, so high up on the ladder of income tax!

             Don’t you get it? Did bird crap cloud up your new shades? You are a machine. A robot. Day by day, you take in the disgustingly distorted perception of beauty and you try SO hard to mold into it. Morning by morning, you rush into the high-risers where you work, surrounded by those who spit words of hate upon your back the second you turn away. Night by night, you return to your neatly assembled home where you feed on the gross flavour of reality television because HECK, what you see in a TV box must be so much more exciting and REAL than your own life. YOUR life, full of gadgets and things and the competition to be on top. OH, but you’re already THERE! You’re a fly on top of the pile of shit we all rely on for survival…MONEY! The more you have, the more you want. It’s only natural right?

              You’re right on TOP of the worldwide conspiracy to suck out every last penny from those who need it so much more than you. But that’s okay. It’s fine because they’re far away! In other countries, in other lands. There’s nothing YOU can do about it anyway. So when you see one of ME on the streets down which you strut as if they were your own, you look away as fast as you can because otherwise, you may be forced to give up a cent or two to a societal disgrace who surely deserves NONE of your pity. But what you so fail to notice is that I don’t want any of your pity, or your charity or even your sorry glance into my eye because it’s YOU who beams with pathetic ignorance. And I pity YOU! The sad ant on an anthill among so many others swarming within this capitalist hole of profit-making, striving to act and look like everybody else.

             And I just laugh because it’s OH SO FUNNY to watch the pressures of conformity stunt your ability to see what’s important. You thrive on informational influence. Without it, you wouldn’t know where to turn. Now THAT deserves pity. But hey, what do I know? I’m just an anomie. In fact, I’m even further below that. The alienated street dweller who’s words matter little for they are not tainted with the unpractical theories of university education. So why then do I adore life even through my occasional experiences of misery, while you, my fellow intelligentsia, don’t even have the time to notice if you’re LIVING. See…while your values are tangible scraps of man-made objects, I live for so much more. I live for the sunrise of every morning. I live for the child who observes me with amazement, who is still pure of mind and still has the hope to live by pure values. I live and I dream knowing that if I bite the dust tomorrow, at least I have lived a life of meaning.

– Olgs

extent of reality – final draft

this is my final philosophy paper (yes, again about dreams)…enjoy 


Dreams…they have fascinated people for ages. Dreams are something we all have in common, no matter what our race or interests, or religion. They are something so bizarre and unknown that we have no choice but to wonder. Why do we dream? Is there a point of our dreams or are they just there for us to question their existence? All of us, at one point in our lives have sat around with friends or colleagues and excitedly rambled about how our dream the night before felt so real, you could swear you felt the wind, pain, or terror within it to the core of your consciousness. However, how can this be true? Is it logical that our body is really able to experience a dream in more than a psychological way? After all, it isn’t possible to be feeling the things we imagine…or is it? Not too long ago, a friend of mine suggested a movie I had never heard of that would forever alter my perspective on the role of dreams in reality. As it had been filmed in a documentary-like fashion, yet also using cartoon-like videography, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. However, it wasn’t just the visuals that captivated me so much as the philosophical context of it all. The independent film Waking Life by Richard Linklater is undeniably inspirational in the way that it shows the relevance of the dream state in our overall picture of reality. The few short excerpts relating to dreams are so clearly presented that I had soon become quite convinced that when it comes to reality, anything is possible.

It’s not that we should be questioning whether or not there is indeed a true reality, but rather how far does it extend? Is it indeed possible to be alive and to exist in more than one way – through both the waking and the dreaming life? It had been greatly researched, and eventually concluded that the response of the brain to images we see with our eyes, and images we see imaginatively in our mind is exactly the same. The same parts of the brain get triggered and give us the feeling of being alive, no matter if we are dreaming or awake. Just with this fact alone, it seems simple. There is no clear line between dreaming and being awake, and thus reality is limitless. In the great philosophical works of René Descartes such as Discourse on Method, he talks about this point precisely. Not only does he bluntly state that reality as we know it could very easily be an illusion, but more importantly he is one of the first to argue that there is absolutely no difference between our dreaming experiences and our waking experiences. Everything we know could potentially be one great lie simply because there is no way of knowing. We, as humans cannot be sure that everything we are going through is real. The only thing which we can always know for sure, is one of the most important phrases in all of philosophy. Congito ergo sum, “I think therefore I am. This is to say that we can always be sure of one thing – we all have the ability to think, and if there is nothing else we can be sure of in life, this is the only truth we need in order to know that we exist. The way in which we exist is thus of little importance because as soon as your existence is established, you have no limits of where and how you might want to exist. Our dreams are a real and direct proof of this.

If you have ever slept through your alarm clock because it was merely a blasting siren in a part of your dream, you know that our waking life and dream state can merge together. As easily as we can daydream, we also have the ability to wake walk through our dream world. The concept of lucid dreaming is by far not a new one, nor is it far fetched. The idea of lucid dreaming is that we can be completely conscious within our dream state. This is to say that we have complete control of our actions, as well as our surroundings. Everything from the colour of the trees, to the weather and sounds in your dreamland can be changed and manipulated by the dreamer. For myself, lucidity was more common as a child, at an age where I did not have a set idea on the principles of reality. As we get older, we tend to lose the ability to think outside of what we are comfortable with while awake. However, from “Lucid Dreaming for Dummies” to “Six Steps to Lucid Dreams” on, we have the chance to achieve this lucid manner of dreaming. After concluding that such a thing as lucid dreaming is possible in the same way as daydreaming, it becomes even more clear that the division between “wake” and “dream” is nonexistent once we think beyond what society has claimed “real”. The reason why we are always taught this division is because it is an organized way for us to think of our lives using time –awake in the daytime, dreaming at night– and space – the world of our dreams is in an unreal fairytale-like place unlike the world that we live in. Nevertheless, the world is not ordered and divided in this perfect way, for if it were, we would not know of chaos.

Space and time are not issues of concern in dreams. This is the most incredible aspect of imagination. Our mind’s ability to give us something out of our world must mean there is a reason for its’ existence. Imagination is a sort of food for the mind. In the theory of many dualistic philosophers such as Descartes and George Berkeley, the mind is something completely separate from the body and needs fulfillment of its own. It needs a reason to keep functioning. That reason is to realize a greater potential, and exploring the potential of one’s dreams gives meaning to the part of our life in which we had never thought we had a say…our dreams. Doesn’t it only make sense that because our conscious mind is able to influence our body in our waking state, it should be able to do just the same – if not much easier – while our body is immobile in dream? Going with the Sartre-like ideals of making our own fate with the tools of free will and self-control, once we see that we can choose and control what we are dreaming in the same way we can control our actions while awake, we can see precisely our ability to affect and initiate change even more so than before. Ultimately, the bigger the part of our lives we can control, the more social responsibility we have for each other, and the world as a whole, giving us a greater purpose for dreams, and imagination as a whole.

          Leaving out the whole part about sexual drive and obsession, Freud had a unique point regarding dreams. He points out that there are deep emotions buried in our subconsciousness, which are released during dreaming. It is for this reason that psychologists and dream specialists are able to extract meaningful metaphors about our mental psyche through our dreams. So if dreams were simply strange side effects of life, then why do people keep analyzing and trying so hard to find hidden meanings in them? If dreams are truly that important to comprehend, then it is true that they are a part of our lives, thus being a part of reality. However, it is difficult to seek and find ourselves and our essence while going through all the chaos of everyday life, and we must take the time to explore our waking self, as well as our dream self to find this essence, and reality. Ultimately, the purpose and trick you have to master is “…to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams…because if you can do that, you can do anything”, The Waking Life.


waiting…doesn’t everyone feel like we’re always waiting for something? like………we were all waiting for the break to start….the break was shit..and now we’re waiting for the end of the semester and end of exams. after that, we’ll be waiting till end of school and start of university, end of university, end of job life, waiting for retirement, waiting………

to friggin DIE mannnn

so basically the moral of the story is……. stop waiting and live where you are. do NOt regret no matter how BAD u messed up ur life at the present moment, or how badly u wanna change the past 24 hours, cuz you can never get them back. (dont let the movies fool u). what’s the point of wondering about the future if ur present can be awesome if you try to make it awesome. as much as we all think nothing’s in our control (especially when living with parents), it really is. your entire life is your own even if ur locked up in a prison cell cuz you have the choice to make that cell whatever you want it to be…


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