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allo world. i know its been a while for me…

but i would like to write a short review for an amazing tv show i got addicted to… which is fairly amazing considering…i dont ever watch tv. obviously, i watched the season online. thanks to the wonderful people that post the seasons for free hoping that fans will click on their useless gambling commercials.:D

so..weeds is a show about Nancy Botwin, a mother of two who has recently lost her husband to a random heart attack, and must support her kids, maid, and brother-in-law in the suburbs. Since a regular job wouldn’t yield nearly enough to pay the bills, Nancy sells weed! Needless to say, this unconventional career comes with many dangers and surprises. The show is really funny as as well as suspenseful. I started watching the first episode, and before I knew it, I had finished the 5th season…and no, it’s not justĀ a chick show.




Saturn Ad Fail

We are being plagued by bad commercials. TV ads of such unimaginable stupidity, I can hear my brain cells screaming in agony when I watch them, and my heart sinks because I know someone got paid a lot of money to make it. This makes me angry. What makes me even angrier though, is when a company takes a decent ad campaign and screws it up by not thinking it through till the end.

Let this be a lesson in logic, everyone. “Isn’t trying to be cool the farthest thing from cool?” Sorry Saturn, but that only happens if you try to be cool and fail. Like you just did. If you try to be cool and you succeed, you are now cool. Your campaign, however, just tried to take on a trendy “Look at us, we’re not trying to be cool, and that makes us twice as cool, right?” attitude. No, Saturn. Next time, think more carefully about your campaign, because for this one you receive my first ever official seal of fail.

Official seal of failure


Robot Chicken

You haven’t seen Robot Chicken? Shame. Robot Chicken is quite probably the funniest show ever, and I don’t even have the channel that runs it. From creator Seth Green (yeah, the one from those movies and from Family Guy) Robot Chicken is refreshingly funny. It airs as a part of Adult Swim. Here are some of my favourite clips:

Giraffe In Quicksand

Calvin and Hobbes

Unfortunately, some of the best ones were removed from YouTube.. damn.



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