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First Snow

It snowed here a few days ago. I don’t like snow, but first snow is always exciting, it means winter is coming and if winter is coming so is Christmas.

I take snow for granted, I moved from Russia to Canada, and neither country has a shortage of flurries. I don’t find snow particularly exciting. The situation is quite different for some others, in particular, one of the foreign students on my floor. If you’ve lived your whole life in India, you’ve never seen snow before, and if all of a sudden you open your res door and someone hands you a snowball, you’re a little surprised.

I think the sight of a person walking out of their house and seeing snow for the first time was one of the most hilarious and amusing things that have happened here. This year I’ll enjoy snow more than ever.



And we commence…


I thought It would be the most useless thing, to go back to your high school months after you have actually graduated and graduate again except this time formally! I mean I thought it was very poorly placed in the middle of October and midterms, I always complained about how they couldn’t put it in like June or even during  the summer. Well  after attending my commencement at a fancy hall last Thursday, I now know all the reasons why it wasn’t held in June , it was such a wonderful is not called graduation for a reason, it is commencement. The beginning, the celebration of a new beginning a start to a completely new phase of your life a very exciting phase, university life!

After having spend 4-5 months away from your high school, your second home and your second family for four years, you come back and celebrate this transition from high school to university. To come back and see all of those you sort of grew up with and those who made or ruined your high school experience was a great feeling, I mean  all was a sudden I was even happy to see the teachers that I hated most while I was in High School.

Having attended this ceremony I have a new born respect for the commencement ceremony in general and many of my fellow classmates that have now moved on to all different sorts of things. One of my friends, Maia who has always been doing extreme things wasn’t there to take her award and it was announced that she is volunteering in Mali, Africa. I mean how great is that? she had amazing marks to go to university and she chose to take a year off and go help African children, I some how respected Maia so much more than before, and I was all the more emotional when her mom approached me after and asked to take a picture with me in my gown and such as Maia wasn’t around! “Ofcourse, I would love to fill in for her” I replied.

Or Phillipe for example, our Valedictorian , I saw a completely different side of him at commencement, I was so amazed by his speech specially when he mentioned the one thing that had been in all of our minds ever since we stepped into that hall, Mr. Spyropoulous our previous principal. “I wish he was giving me my diploma and not that….” a phrase I heard repeatedly from my comrades as we were in the backstage getting into our ridiculous gowns and mingling.  During his speech Philippe mentioned how Mr.Spyropoulous had been a friend to all of us and had affected all of our lives for the  better in a way or another. Our elected valedictorian made us all realize we hadn’t wasted our votes when he  mentioned Spyro:”He was a role model for all of us a down to earth principal that always found time for his students” and the entire crowd started clapping with pride!

A ceremony I thought of as  useless ended up being the most memorable of all ceremonies maybe even prom, a sense of closure , celebrating the closing of one chapter of your life joyfully with all those who made that chapter a great one, and opening a completely new chapter full of challenges and surprises of its own.

….And so we commence, The class of 2008….


Elections Canada

Dear all,

This week I had a once in a life-time opportunity,  as we are getting closer to the Canadian Elections , I attended a political press conference and was able to see the leader of the opposition Stephane Dion in person and ask him a question in front of the audience. A very novel feeling for me, just starting my adult life and having such an opportunity.

The event took place at the Royal Hotel, downtown toronto, at 9AM  Wendsday October 8th. Stephane Dion walked in with very minimal security I was amazed of how down to earth and friendly and close to the people he really is compared to our current prime-minister who doesn’t go in public without prior arrangements and severe security and protection.Many say Harper lives in a bubble. At Harper’s press conference the questions were presubmited to his campaign manager so at the acutal event people were just reciting them. Something Stephane Dion didn’t do he answered to the questions of many journalists and mine alike, on the spot without any prior preparation.

The get together with Harper was full of guards and officers, and every guest had been registered from long before and had to go through a security check.  However at the conference with Stephane Dion security was kept to a minimum and potentially anyone with a media pass could have walked in and asked him questions.

As the meeting was exclusively for ethnic press, a lot of different questions concerning foreign policy and immigration were asked of the opposition leader M.Dion. The questions varied from what M.Dion is planning to do about the chinese-canadian relations to whether or not he would let in all Sri-Linkan refugees in case of a war in that region 🙂 .

After a series of different questions some meaningful and some really use-less it was finally my turn to ask my questions. Looking for an opportunity to show off my french,  I decided to pose my question in French which made M.Dion very happy in fact. It was as if he was relieved , I felt that the most solid answer he gave was to my question maybe because he responded in his native language or maybe because my question was specific unlike a lot of other vague questions that were asked. I’m going to attempt the best translation:

M.Teengle:”Good Morning Mr.Dion, I am a univiersity student in Ontario as you know life for students is not the easiest, tuitions fees in Ontario have been increasing for the past decade at much higher than the regular inflation rate. While in other countries and even other provinces in Canada like quebec, the provincial governements are working to decrease or even eliminate tuition fees, in Ontario these fees continue to increase, what is a liberal gov’t going to do to help this situation? As a student, why should I vote for the liberals?”

M.Dion: ” Thank you for your question, Educations is very important to me, I was a professor my self and I know what it’s like to be a student, we understand the concerns students have and that’s why we are including a large budget for extra bursaries and scholarships as well as low-interest loans for students as they are the future of this country and very important to a liberal government.”

Dion looked like a very legitimate gentleman, unlike many other politicans Dion seemed like he has a good heart, maybe partly due to his past career as a university professor.  He had some very solid ideas and the liberals Green Shift much like the democrats economic platform south of the border has a some solid fundamentals that if put into action properly could save both the environment and the current economic crisis.

Dion is disadvantaged compared the other party leaders in the sense that English is not his native language as he looked a lot more in control and confident int he French debate as opposed to the English debate. He is also lacks charisma , an asset the NDP leader is using much to his advantage to win liberal voites in many ridings. So as liberal voters switch to NDP  the conservatives are the ones benefeiting.

Tuesday is Election day and I am voting for the first time in my life 🙂



The uWaterloo Experience

I promised I’d write a university post, so here we go. I moved in on September 7th, a Sunday. Move-in was smooth as silk, they even had attractive 3rd-year girls helping out. After I dumped my junk into my room I had to roam around the not-very-big-but-still-organized campus for a bit to go through the registration, get my lameoid frosh band (which will later give me the most wicked watch tan ever) and try not to pass out from the heat.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and walking around with a few Newtonbrook guys who live in the same residence. The next week was a whirlwind. Frosh was sort of lame, in a “hey, let’s organize a bunch of events for these guys” way, but still cool and I met a ton of awesome people. I went home for the weekend, which was interesting since that was the first time I used Greyhound. No, there was not enough leg room.

I’m in Nanotech, my entire class is about 120 people. All my lectures are in the same room, but my tutorials and labs are spread over the campus a little bit. Unlike others, my experience doesn’t differ very much from high school. I have class essentially 8:30-3:30, with an hour-long lunch break. The one thing that is different though was already mentioned by Ali. All assignments (or almost) are uploaded, and submitted electronically. Unlike Shulich though, uW has a centralized system. Of course, profs don’t really care if you don’t submit assignments, since they’re worth shit. My final exams are worth around 50% with midterms worth around 30%.

The food in the caf is good. The classes aren’t very hard. The people on my floor are awesome. Living in residence is just freaking great. I don’t know what to do with all the freedom frankly. I think this freedom-freakout is the primary reason for people dropping out, since if you got in it means you should be able to stay in. It’s weird how living away from your parents quickly changes the way you do things. Now that it’s up to me, I’ve taken to eating a lot more vegetables. Funny how that works.

I’d post some pictures, but I left my camera back at home. Whoops, I meant I left it back at my parents’ home.

Let the Uni life begin—La Vie Universitaire

I am going to write something here even though I don’t think that people still read teengle. Oh well, I started university, had a blast at Frosh week, went through a hectic first week running around for books and a laptop and a locker and finding out where each class is at this big town of young people called York University. Although it is a relief that almost all my courses are in the Schulich building so I don’t have to worry about the rest of York U cause I would so be lost.And by the second week I am starting to understand the routine of classes and I am getting used to how everything we have to do is posted on a website somewhere and we have to go hunt it down, there is no like hi I am prof this here is your assignment, it is just assumed that everyone knows what their assignment is and everyone submits electronically by the deadline indicated in the same site. I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere else  but at Schulich each course has like 5 different websites and 5 different sets of username passwords to remember so after struggling to remember them all I made like an excel worksheet of everything.

So far so good, I am continuing French obviously, I have one economics course in French and I have the coolest French professor. It is very overwhelming to be amongst all these nerds that all came into Schulich with 92 and above averages however I have met some super cool people, about half of the students of every class are born in China. So the first day when we were introducing our selves and saying where we are born I said “my name is Ali I was born in China” and it kind of blended so some people were like wow this non Asian guy was born in China, others where laughing it out loud. Then I was like just kidding I was just trying to fit in…

I am obviously super busy however I am going to keep you posted of what it’s like to be a Shoe Licker…




Bien oui, j’ai finalement décidé d’écrire quelques mots ici de mon expérience inoubliable de Frosh et l’entrée universitaire. Moi comme je suis super amical et outgoing j’ai trouvé une centaine d’amis à Frosh, par la fin j’avais perdu mon voix mais en échange j’avais trouvé beaucoup de nouveaux amis avec qui je vais passer les prochaines 4 années.

Après Frosh, j’ai du chercher partout pour mes livres en espérant d’acheter des livres d’autres étudiants pour économiser d’argent  Par la fin j’ai du acheter tous mes livres de Schulich neuves parce que ils ont changé de livres de l’année dernier.  Et après les livres je cherchait partout pour un ordinateur portable et enfin j’ai acheté un de Staples parce que Ryan mon meilleur ami du lycée m’a économisé %10 qui est quand même bien .

De tout façon Université coûte très cher mais j’adore Schulich, les gens, les professeurs ,l’ambiance Schulich est exactement ou je dois être je suis au bon endroit

Je suis bien naturallement très occupé mais je vais faire mon mieux pour écrire de ma vie universitaire

A la prochaine

-Mr. Teengle


Dear All ,

So a recap,

1.Paul and Coco are arriving this wendsday the 6th at around 2pm if anyone wants to come welcome them like come to the airport with me  leave a comment here or email me.

2. On Friday the 8th there is a bbq at my house and you’re all invited… email me or leave a comment for exact address its around bayview and cummer

3. Saturday at 4pm we are going to the taste of the danforth whoever wants to chill out is welcomed

4. The montreal trip has been modified, we are going on the 10th till 15th Sunday till Friday and Sat 16 Sunday 17 and Monday 18 we are going to go to Lake Simcoe for camping with Ryan Tamara Eddie and Niki. I will probably have a spot or two in my car let me know if anyone owants to come.

5. The Goodbye party remains the same the club tickets are not going to be on sale for long so make a purchase if you are coming or if you want me to get you tickets you have got to tell me by this friday the latest.

Take Care and hope to see you all this friday 🙂


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