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Frenchies Reunite

Dear All,
As many of you know Paul and Coco, the Frenchies, are going to be in Toronto this summer.
They’re going to be here from Aug.6th to the 26th. And Paul specially wants to see all the people that he knew at brook and stuff, like a reunion.
1.Aug 8th

We are having a welcoming bbq at my house on Friday Aug. 8th, please mark this date in your callendars, PDAs, Macbooks,…

If anyone needs my exact address leave a comment here and I will email you a google map link of the address and TTC instructions, I just don’t want to POST that here 🙂


2. Aug 10th

I am taking them to the Taste of the Danforth so if anyone wants to come with us let me know.

3. Aug 13th-18th

Montreal Trip,  I am booking the hotel rooms by the end of this week, if we book now I can get a deal for about 30 a person in downtown montreal or a nice clean Hotel in the suburbs for about 15 dollars a person. I still have one spot left in my car.
4. Aug 22nd – 23rd

Niagara Falls for a night or two, there is a good club there that I could get tickets toand I know a really clean but cheap motel so it would be really student budget trip it would be sweet tho.

5. Aug 24th

And last but definitely not least, their good bye party is most likely a dinner at the all you can eat Korean bbq on Queen St. West and then there is a clubbing event for the end of summer, it could be our end of summer get together before we all go on to our uni lives and paul n coco’s good bye. The link is below they’re selling advanced tickets now for a really good price, so let me know who’s coming I can get it for you.
See you all at the BBQ

PS. I know we all want to get Mme.Rosvelti to go clubbing with us so I am going to send her an invitation email from all of the French Extended Famiy for the good bye party clubbing at the Circa 🙂

ATTENTION: I need to know who is coming to Montreal as I have to book the hotel.    The deadline is July 26th.

ATENTION: For Circa August 24th if there is at least 15 of us we get 2 free tickets AND FREE ACCESS TO THE VIP SECTION FOR ALL OF US!


Fire Day Extended

So another day added to our march break which makes this week a two day week , considering we are off good Friday. This is quite amazing but for some of us in Gr.12 this could be deadly… We are going to get back and be bombarded with work and like overdue unit tests and assignments, it will be nuts because the teachers obviously don’t care if you’ve missed two days of school they will fit that work into the wed n thurs.

In any case I am still very thankful to whoever put the school on fire a lot of us needed a couple of extra days 🙂

Let’s hope this gets extended into Wednesdays and let us have a one day week that would be really amazing… maybe it would be pushing it a little….

Long live fire days…


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