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wow..i have not written a post in a long long time.

a quote is in order…by a great co-worker of mine..

“I realized there are two affective ways to make a is voting, and the second is what you buy.”

it seems quite simple and obvious but it made me think. we all have power. we all have immense power to influence change…ofcourse many of us think that one person can’t do shit in a world of …is it 7 billion now? but we can if we want to.

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You Are Your Opinions

Here is a bit of personal social theories from your truly, just thinking out loud for now, nothing controversial. This post is about your opinions and how they influence your life.

Your friends are people who share your opinions, they have similar ideas, similar lifestyles as you. When you meet new people, if they have the same opinions as you, you will get along well with them. If your opinions clash, you will have trouble dealing with that person, that much seems obvious.

Moving from there, I will say that the more general and obvious your opinions are, the easier it will be for you to make friends, and the more friends you will have. For example: if your opinions are: sports are cool, puppies are cute, good weather is fun – pretty much everyone will agree with you, and you’ll get along with more people. So far so good?

The other side of the coin is: having unorthodox opinions about ordinary things. For example if, in your opinion, puppies are a plague on humanity, cancer is awesome and ice cream is disgusting – people will most likely not get along with you, since your opinion are hard to agree with, and seem morbid. You will most likely not get along with people, because they are likely to disagree with you.

The gray area: in certain cases, if your opinion is unorthodox, but still plausible, people will be drawn to you. Humans always like to explore new possibilities, and if one is given to them, they will give it thought, and be attracted to you as a source or new information and interesting possibilities for thought. For example: if your opinion on reality is that it’s fluid, and shaped by our own action, not limited by what we see, people might enjoy that kind of view. Where do you draw the line between radical thinking and being a crackpot?

The moral is: don’t have many friends? Time to throw out that “The Cabbage is Trying To Kill Me!” poster.


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