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Alienation and Conformity RANT

this is a rant I presented for my night school assignment to show alienation and conformity in a creative way.

              “SOCIETY!” What the hell is that anyway? A fancy name for a group of people who what… speed walk around, seemingly important, as if they really have so much to do! So obsessed with counting their accounted numbers, cashing in their 6-digit paychecks. This Armani suit is SOOO last season, it’s not the right shade of gray for THIS year. We need an update on the Britney case! GET ME A MAGAZINE! Oh..why are we sooo in need of all this shit? These mp3s and blueberries. We HAVE TO catch up with the latest technological developments! What will be the new addition to the i-pod series?

              So… may ask do I chose to be the bum? The unemployed? The HOBO? You stare at me like I’m some alien from another planet as you casually pass by with your Gucci purse held tight. As if I’m some sort of pathetic prisoner caged in by the horror that is the street. And of course you think I need help. Oh pity me! SAVE me from staring into my empty coffee cup! Well…it seems to be the time to finally bring something to YOUR attention since you just seem way too busy chatting away on your multiple cellular devices to notice just how fucked up YOU are. Too busy conforming to crappy routines and this messed up tangle of money exchanges we call our “society”. You are, in Marx’s words, the PROLETARIAT. So successful, so high up on the ladder of income tax!

             Don’t you get it? Did bird crap cloud up your new shades? You are a machine. A robot. Day by day, you take in the disgustingly distorted perception of beauty and you try SO hard to mold into it. Morning by morning, you rush into the high-risers where you work, surrounded by those who spit words of hate upon your back the second you turn away. Night by night, you return to your neatly assembled home where you feed on the gross flavour of reality television because HECK, what you see in a TV box must be so much more exciting and REAL than your own life. YOUR life, full of gadgets and things and the competition to be on top. OH, but you’re already THERE! You’re a fly on top of the pile of shit we all rely on for survival…MONEY! The more you have, the more you want. It’s only natural right?

              You’re right on TOP of the worldwide conspiracy to suck out every last penny from those who need it so much more than you. But that’s okay. It’s fine because they’re far away! In other countries, in other lands. There’s nothing YOU can do about it anyway. So when you see one of ME on the streets down which you strut as if they were your own, you look away as fast as you can because otherwise, you may be forced to give up a cent or two to a societal disgrace who surely deserves NONE of your pity. But what you so fail to notice is that I don’t want any of your pity, or your charity or even your sorry glance into my eye because it’s YOU who beams with pathetic ignorance. And I pity YOU! The sad ant on an anthill among so many others swarming within this capitalist hole of profit-making, striving to act and look like everybody else.

             And I just laugh because it’s OH SO FUNNY to watch the pressures of conformity stunt your ability to see what’s important. You thrive on informational influence. Without it, you wouldn’t know where to turn. Now THAT deserves pity. But hey, what do I know? I’m just an anomie. In fact, I’m even further below that. The alienated street dweller who’s words matter little for they are not tainted with the unpractical theories of university education. So why then do I adore life even through my occasional experiences of misery, while you, my fellow intelligentsia, don’t even have the time to notice if you’re LIVING. See…while your values are tangible scraps of man-made objects, I live for so much more. I live for the sunrise of every morning. I live for the child who observes me with amazement, who is still pure of mind and still has the hope to live by pure values. I live and I dream knowing that if I bite the dust tomorrow, at least I have lived a life of meaning.

– Olgs


Life Sucks When:

You’re ill, and the only cure is plenty of sleep and drinking lots of liquids. Your illness keeps you up at night, and makes drinking anything painful.

P.S. – Val is a hedonistic gimp-basket, I hope he gets syphilis from this post.


waiting…doesn’t everyone feel like we’re always waiting for something? like………we were all waiting for the break to start….the break was shit..and now we’re waiting for the end of the semester and end of exams. after that, we’ll be waiting till end of school and start of university, end of university, end of job life, waiting for retirement, waiting………

to friggin DIE mannnn

so basically the moral of the story is……. stop waiting and live where you are. do NOt regret no matter how BAD u messed up ur life at the present moment, or how badly u wanna change the past 24 hours, cuz you can never get them back. (dont let the movies fool u). what’s the point of wondering about the future if ur present can be awesome if you try to make it awesome. as much as we all think nothing’s in our control (especially when living with parents), it really is. your entire life is your own even if ur locked up in a prison cell cuz you have the choice to make that cell whatever you want it to be…


5 Reasons Why Going To The Dentist Sucks

Today I was at my dentist’s and I remembered, that it indeed, sucks a lot. To celebrate this revelation I wrote this list: My Top 5 Reasons Why Going To The Dentist Sucks.

  1. They put sharp, whirring, painful objects into your mouth
  2. You have to rinse with disgusting mouthwash that makes you want to projectile vomit
  3. Your mouth is open for like an hour straight, and then you have trouble closing it. You try to drink some juice, and it totally goes all over the place
  4. Music. Terrible, awful, brain-numbing dentist muzak
  5. And my number 1 reason:

  6. No matter what, no matter how long you’ve been sitting there, you know one thing: soon, you’re gonna have to do this all over again


China Bans Reincarnation!

Via: BoingBoing

In an amazing act of “let’s make the most obscene law ever!” China has decided that Buddhists will not be allowed to reincarnate without government permission. What are they, on drugs? How the hell are they planning to ban that? They are basically going to ban something that cannot be proven, and definitely cannot be checked! Uh huh, uh huh, I get it now! “We have banned reincarnations! We are awesome! Fear us! What’s that? Think there are still reincarnations happening? Nope! And you can’t prove there are, so HA! We own your stupid religion, take that, Buddhists!”

Nice one China. Nice one.


On Homosexuality

Disclaimer : I’m straight myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have opinions, right?

Next up on “We Discuss Controversial Things In A Straight-Forward And Opinionated Way” – Homosexuality. WARNING: In this article I’m going to be mostly discussing MALE homosexuality, as most people don’t have a set view on lesbians.

Good or Bad

Arguments Against:

  • The Bible says it’s bad
  • It’s not a means of reproduction, is therefore unnatural (same used against masturbation)
  • With men it involves sticking things into places where things should not really be stuck into

Arguments For:

  • If people do it, I can only assume it feels good?
  • Some people like the other sex, some like the same one, why do you care?
  • They have a parade for it (what?)
  • They are born like that (argue with me)

I say:

  • Personally, I think the last point of ‘Against’ sums it up for me. However, I think that if other people are into that, that’s fine by me. Sticking it into someone’s pooper may seem pretty gross to me, but there are people out there who get turned on by legs/necks/cats/leather/severed limbs (I kid you not) and that’s fine too. When it comes to lesbianism, that can be considered as mutual masturbation, and we’re not going to get into that (haha). To sum up: go nuts with being gay, I don’t really care, I’m just not a fan of Public Displays of Affection.

In Society

Let’s face it, lots of people don’t like gays. That said, most of these people are men (prove me wrong). The word “fag” is thrown left and right as an insult, and I will have to admit, I do that too. It’s wrong. It’s discrimination, but it’s damn hard to stop. Homosexuals have a magic ability to decorate, distinguish shades of blue and dress themselves competently. This is generally seen as effeminate, and is therefore frowned upon in a dude. I can understand that (kind of) however, when gays are getting killed just for that, that’s not cool. Stop it!

On Lesbians

“Ohh sure, when you see a gay guy it’s gross, but when you see lesbians you’re all: HOLY SH*T! AWESOME!” I see what you’re saying. Here is what I think: I am guy = not attracted to other guys = I don’t enjoy looking at men making out. They enjoy it, that’s fine. I am guy = am attracted to women, lesbians = women = I like lesbians. Also, 2 women > 1 woman + 1 guy. Does that make sense? Okay then! Some guys are massively obsessed with lesbians, and I think that’s just something that was spread through the society. I personally don’t think that lesbians are any more attractive than straight women.


If you have reasons to oppose them, do it in your house in a rocking chair while stroking a shotgun and spitting chewing tobacco into a brass bowl. What? The Bible told you it’s bad? Right, cause Jesus would totally beat up gay people if he could, right? Gay people are people, they are not a minority, they are not a separate race, they are just people. Treat them accordingly for goodness sake!


The Downfalls of Religion

Religion is bittersweet. It’s good, it’s bad. It’s the best thing that even happened, it’s the worst plague on humanity. It will be around forever, it will slowly die. Why do we need it, why do we have it?

Origins of religion are ancient. Starting with cave paintings ending with The Sistine Chapel, humans have always expressed the need for religion and it’s propagation, but why? An answer is: “an answer”. Look around, the things around us are wonderful, amazing, complex. How do they work, where do they come from? God. What is meaning of life, why are we here? God. It’s the ultimate answer to all the hard questions. A short, simple answer, which makes absolutely no sense to me.

They say “look around at all the beautiful things around you, and tell me that some sort of divine being exists”, I say “look at the awful things around you and tell me that a divine being would let this happen”. I’m a skeptic, to say the least. How can some dude (I guess it’s a little more complicated than that) be responsible for all the things around us?

A smart man once said “It’s easier to believe a simple lie than a complicated truth”. Theory of Evolution, String Theory are all very complicated explanations about why, and how we came to be. They make more sense to me, because at least they show an effort to logically explain things. I don’t want the “it’s like that just because it is” explanation. Please, spare me the “it’s just a theory” bull crap, a scientific theory stood the test of time, with many people probably smarter than yourself and smarter than me failing to disprove it.

Before you start shouting profanities at me, let me say that as a teenager, I haven’t even made up my mind about religion yet. I’ll change it 50 times before the year is over, but so far – the arguments against God are overwhelming. Just to be fair, however, let’s look it from both sides, shall we?

Religion is great.

  • Religion is a universal way to get huge masses of people to love their neighbor
  • It has spawned some of the greatest works of art ever made
  • It inspires scholarly learning, and encourages a healthy human spirit

Religion is awful.

  • Religion is a universal way to get huge masses of people to kill their neighbor
  • There us no need for a second point.

How many wars are going on in the name of religion right now? How many have happened? During the Medieval Inquisition immense amounts of women were accused to witchcraft and tortured to death in the name of religion. During the Spanish Inquisition anyone who was no Christian was murdered brutally. Where in the Bible does it say that this is OK? No one in their right mind would allow this.

Richard (I wrote Steven before, sorry)  Dawkins and others are leading a revolution. They are pleading for a society of reason, where people will use their judgment, and play nice because they want to, not because they’ll burn in hell if they don’t.

Please, prove me wrong, so I can make a better decision about this.


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